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Bali Royal One is appointed a sole distributor for Timeless Secret anti-aging products into Indonesia market.

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The Timeless Secret skincare line launched in Beverley Hills, California, in 2005 and rocketed to popularity at luxury stores, upscale beauty salons, and boutique spas across the U.S. First time users of the groundbreaking product line became loyal customers. Timeless Secret combines the best of the East and the West by using ancient natural ingredients and the latest skincare technology. It achieves unrivaled skincare and antiaging effects by using the highest quality ingredients and accommodates busy lifestyle with a simple application process.

Thousands of years ago, high in the Yunnan mountains of Southwest China, the original fountain of youth was discovered in — of all places — a teapot! Pu-Erh tea, rich in over 300 proteins, minerals, and vitamins, including B5, C, and E, has long been revered for its many health and beauty benefits. Full of powerful anti-oxidants, Pu-Erh tea is also a natural detoxifier. Like fine wine, Pu-Erh tea improves with age. Generation after generation of Chinese women have passed down the coveted knowledge of drinking Pu-Erh tea for visibly beautiful and younger-looking skin.


While relishing the exquisite taste of Pu-Erh tea with her mother and grandmother, the well-educated founder of Timeless Secret was struck with an idea. What if modern technology could be applied to harness the benefits of Pu-Erh tea to create a skincare line? The founder and her mother set out to the tea plantations of Yunnan to broaden their knowledge of this distinct tea.

Bali Royal One is currently sourcing for sub-marketer in Indonesia.

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