Bali Concierge

Bali Royal One is the appointed marketing agent for The Bali Concierge.We provide VIP services for travelers from the moment they step into Bali Airport.We invite global tour agents or individuals to use this VIP facilities when travelling to Bali.

The Bali Concierge is the sole operator and very first VIP airport lounge set up at Ngurah Rai International Airport with top of the range facilities. Since 2007, our first-class luxury service agency is designed to provide the ultimate personalized service for the upscale travelers to the Island of Bali

The key element of luxury travel is the quality of your travel experience itself. The Bali Concierge has compiled an extensive range of premium services to ensure that your experience with us fulfills your expectations and dreams. We combine our excellent customer service and enthusiasm along with our years of experience to create the unique travel experience for our clientele.

With over 10 years of experience, we have our unparalleled wide network of contacts to ensure that our guests get the best offer and experience. Our concierge team will take care of you the moment you stepped out from the aircraft until you leave the country.

Seeking B2B collaboration

We are in the process of getting interested parties to up  sell this services.If you are a tour agent or operator or  villa owners and wanting to collaborate with us,please leave your contact details and provide brief introduction of your business and we will get back to you asap.


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