History of Puri Gede Kaba Kaba

Puri Gede Kaba Kaba is the Palace for regional district of Tabanan ,Bali.In the 17th till 19th century,Kaba Kaba kingdom was one of the 9 kingdoms in Bali.The 1st King of Kaba Kaba is Arya Belog,which is of youngest amongst the 9 Aryas that landed in Bali to seek greener pasture

.Arya, in Bali is the a title of a royal original Palace of Arya Belog which still exists and his descendants,until today,is very much active in carrying the works and resposibilities of Royals to their communities.Although,formal power are not granted ,the members of the Palace are still respected by their subjects. Most holy pura (temple) are managed by the Members of the Palace.And thus the importance of the Palace also stems from the Balinese pride of having the Palace as leaders carrying out major religious worshipping activities.

By honouring the current descedants of Arya Belog or Members of the Palace,Balinese directly pays respect to their own ancestors who had closed ties and bondage with the Kings of the past.Such honour,will last for as long as,the Balinese practise Hinduism the like their ancestors do. 

Balinese likes to pray to ancestors in pura.However,the pride of praying in a more sacred temples is sought after by worshippers.The villagers of Kaba Kaba especially the member of the Royals have the privilege and pride to worship in their own sacred sanctuary,amongst the honorable 9 king. The legacy and the Aryas pura,situated within Pura Besakih  ( Mother Temple of Bali).This is privilegely located on the the mountain slope of Holy Mount Agung. Puri Gede Kaba Kaba is known as one of the largest and mystic Palace in Bali.

The kingdom is also known for its vast padi fields which has been the source for its economic viability since 17th century.The  importance of member of the Palace are more for religious ceremonies.The Palace leadership roles are both secular and sacred.Kaba Kaba Palace are known for its mystical prowess not only amongst its subject but also the people of Bali.Until today the villagers of Kaba Kaba are still loyal and have high regards for the families of the Palace.

Although formal power not granted ,members of the Palace are respected due to heredity.The Palace are still very actively involved in its charitable and religious ceremonial activities within Kaba Kaba and Tabanan. Because of its rich history and cultural / religious values, the Palace Ground and it’s properties are protected and preserved by the Indonesian Government Heritage Ordinance.

Family background

Being the 17th generation,the current Members of the Palace are highly educated individuals graduated from local universities.Their combined experiences span from various industries including education,banking,hospitality,industrial and governmental activities. In their utmost humbleness,their names bear the royal titles like I Gusti Ngurah,Anak Agung Ngurah etc.And in order to retain their royal titles,majority if not all,involved in marriages with partners of the same caste from different palaces in Bali.Thus ,families from  Puri Gede Kaba Kaba has strong ties with other regional kingdoms in Bali.


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